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Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting, but I started another blog awhile back and it was hard to keep up two blogs. But I hate I forgot to post the new link! So here it is, please keep in touch with me there! thecancerdocuments (dot) blogspot (dot) com. Things are going well... had another surgery this past December but it went well. Many things have changed since I posted last... got married, bought a house, and am going back to school. Let's catch up! Hope everyone is doing well!
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Cancer isn't Following My Plan

I am a planner. I make lists to a fault. I have my whole summer mapped out, all of the fun and exciting things I want to do that I have been putting off. The thing I hate most about cancer is that it doesn't follow my plans. It almost forces me to be spontaneous... this is both a blessing and a curse. I'm trying to see it as a blessing. I need to locate my "positivity" glasses again, I seem to have temporarily misplaced them. The spot on my left ovary is still a mystery, though I now feel as if I have more direction. My symptoms have altered slightly and I along with my doctors see a different diagnosis (though its still hypothetical at the moment). My symptoms don't match with an ovarian cyst. They don't match with Endometriosis. But I do have 11 out of 13 symptoms of ovarian cancer. And since I have Lynch Syndrome as well, I am fairly confident that it is indeed cancer. At the beginning of my exciting summer??? Come on now... Cancer doesn't care that I was pumped about attending the First Descents Cancer Camp in August. Or that I have a job. Or that I was hoping to be planning my wedding. Why can't it come at a better moment? Mid-winter when I have nothing to do? The idea of having cancer doesn't really get to me so much, and I can even deal well with the surgery and pain, but what I hate is that it stops my life, it puts everything on hold. And the constant surveillance makes it hard to move on and put it behind you. Well, especially when almost every check up you have reveals a new problem. I had my hormone levels tested recently and I have almost zero progesterone in my body. A normal level for someone my age is anywhere from 300-500... my level is 30. WAY low. So I am looking at starting a natural hormone therapy to up my progesterone level. Hopefully that will help some of my symptoms. I guess I should probably list my symptoms in case others are having the same problems huh? Abdominal bloating and weight gain (about 15-20lbs), abdominal pain and discomfort, frequent urination and urgency, indigestion, extreme fatigue, vertigo/ dizziness, trouble concentrating, irritability, mood swings, depression/ anxiety. The irritability, mood swings, and depression have been the most annoying because I am naturally a happy and positive person. It's been difficult to have to convince myself when I feel depressed that it is just my hormones and I need to push through it. I didn't think I was supposed to have to deal with this until menopause??? Well as of now I am trying to schedule surgery for sometime over the next couple of weeks. They will remove my left ovary, test it for cancer, and if it comes back positive for cancer cells we will probably do a full hysterectomy during the same surgery. That will obviously be a last minute call that my mom and boyfriend will have to make. So pray that this goes smoothly. I have full trust in God that whatever is supposed to happen will happen, whether that be good or bad. I am not afraid of the outcome. I am only afraid of the process. And that I am slowly trying to overcome.
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Sweetie, I am praying extra hard for you. I know what you mean about cancer not following our plans. I too am a planner and cancer really invaded my plans last year. It caused me to beg for a refund on our vacation we had planned, which the people were very good about refunding us, taking vacation later in the year in between chemo treatments which was exhausting and causing me to miss 9 months of work, so all my clients thought I was off having a baby.....ha ha Its been just over 6 months since I finished treatment and even though most things are back to normal, I keep getting little scares that cause me to re-plan once again. I have put off booking our vacation this year until right before we are ready to go. I figure maybe we can "trick" I will pray hard that your surgery goes smoothly and by the Grace of God I will pray you do not have to have a hysterectomy. hugs amy
Hey there - I totally understand what you mean by cancer butting in and messing up plans... I am planning (heh) on starting the graduate program in Spain this summer that I was supposed to start last summer, until my tumor and ovarian cancer was discovered. I know it can't be a good feeling to think you might have ovarian cancer, but I am glad that you are on top of things. Hang in there!!!
hi, reagan. just wanted to let you know that i am thinking about you and praying so hard that you do not have ovarian cancer and can get your surgery over with and move on with all those plans you have. you have a great attitude and i do think that is more than half the battle. keep doing what you have to do for your health and keep on enjoying your life and those you love and who love you. God bless you. debby
i know exactly what you mean! i have lately been thinking the very same thing. it seems that every single thing ive planned since getting cancer is either still on hold or i missed it because another round of chemo. my wedding was supposed to be in december but now i dont even know when it will happen. my dress is still hanging up in my room. =( my sister told me something that helped though. she said plans can be replanned but people cant. it all comes down to the people you spend now with. well enough of my talking hope things go better for you!
Just a short note to say bless you and thinking about you! Adding you to my daily prayers and don't stop the wedding can always take your bridal books in with you to go over in the recovery room!! Best wishes hon. Just me
I am sorry that you are so young and have to deal with all of this crap:(. I can relate to your experiences. I had a hysterectomy at 29 (no children) and then diagnosed at 35 with stage iv colon cancer that caused me to have a pelvic exoneration and left me with a colostomy, urostomy and no vagina. I finally complete treatment just to have my father start treatment for inoperable lung cancer, so there is no planning in our lives at the moment as we are ruled by cancer in my household. God has a special purpose for us and that is to be a voice and advocate that young adults can get colon cancer and it is important to know if Lynch Syndrome runs in the family. I tested negative for it, but I still had abnormal DNA markers that have to be checked into further and my sister and niece need to be checked to know for sure... I am glad that you have a supportive mother and boyfriend, and I really do hope you do not have to lose your uterus to cancer. Melinda
I wish I knew if there was a way to send you a message, but This is all i can find. I came across your symptoms on a page searching for an answer for myself. "Rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, fatigue, extreme unexplained weight gain. I experienced these symptoms for almost 5 years, beginning at the age of 17, and saw close to 10 doctors before anyone could figure out what was wrong." This really hit home for me especially since you are the same age I am, and have experienced problems since around the same time mine have all started. I guess I would like to get some advice... I don't have insurance and don't want to put things off anymore so i am going to go to a clinic and pretty much request they look however they can. It's just so nerveracking cause It's like what tests do I ask for to make sure they don't miss anything. When I bring this stuff up to my husband, Ive gotten so many responses making me feel like i am over exaggerating and people my age don't have rectal cancer. Even doctors have been blaming symptoms on things like IBS, Ulcers, depression, hemorrhoids, ect., with no tests actually ever done. Its like they take a look at me and go you're a 24 year old girl... Maybe you could give me some advice for me for when i go on the right questions to ask, or tests to inquire about... I'm sick of worrying and not knowing, and i hate that everyone makes me feel stupid. Its not like its something i WANT to talk about, It's not like I want to go to the doctor and be like please please dig in my butt.... i want answers and it seems like people aren't going to do something unless i say it flat out. I am very uneducated about this type of cancer and dont even know what tests can/should be done to look.
 I'm so sorry for just getting back to you, but I just saw your post. I'd love to talk to you... someone our age can absolutely have rectal/ colon cancer. I know many people even younger than me who have gone through it. Never let a doctor downplay your symptoms... if one refuses to test you go see someone else. Listen to your body. My email is contact me!
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Rectal bleeding, abdominal pain, fatigue, extreme unexplained weight gain. I experienced these symptoms for almost 5 years, beginning at the age of 17, and saw close to 10 doctors before anyone could figure out what was wrong.

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